Olympic Summer Games 2020 have today exposed 4 new innovative robots that will be organized to assist spectator’s athletes and officials at competition venues to transmit sound images and physical feedback from venues to those watching remotely.

Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer is an industry to professional in this field of robot technology and is providing support for the Tokyo 2020 Robot Project launched in March with the goal of ensuring next year’s Olympics and Paralympics will be the most advanced ever. Olympic Games followers who want to witness live action of the Olympic Games can Buy Olympic Tickets online.

Olympic 2020 symbol type robots will welcome Players and guests at Games venues and other Games connected locations with human-like movements such as shaking hands and waving’s and with a variety of facial expressions.

Robots play a key role at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games after new models revealed
Robots play a key role at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games

Cameras mounted on the robots’ foreheads will allow them to recognize when people are nearby and to react to them. Toyota and Tokyo 2020 are moreover discussing a number of ways for the mascot type robots to make it easier and more pleasurable for children to experience the Games.

Another model the T-HR3 Humanoid robot will transmit sounds and images from game locations to partner robots at remote locations. It is requested this will agree on those at remote locations who interact with the T-HR3 Humanoid robots to feel as if they are physically present at Games related locations.

A third model the T-TR1 robot is a virtual mobility robot developed by Toyota Research Institute in the United States. It will be prepared with a camera atop a large almost life-size display.

Implementation of the robot line-up will be the Field Support robot that will be equipped with automatic driving functionality that will allow it to assist at throwing events at the Olympic Stadium.

The robots will control the optimal path to follow when recovering items such as hammers or javelins thrown by athletes guiding staff along paths that avoid obstacles.

Robots play a key role at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games after new models revealed
Robots play a key role at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games

It will help decrease the time needed to retrieve items as well as reduce the amount of human support required at events. Toyota and Tokyo 2020 will be working with the International Association of Athletics Federations in developing the Field Support robot for the Games.

“Humans are better suited to picking up heavy equipment from the field, but for quickly transporting them to their respective return depots that’s a job that’s best performed by robots Takeshi Kuwabara a project planning manager who oversaw the robot’s development was reported as saying by Reuters. Our aim was to leverage the strengths of both humans and robots.”

Robot Project it is requested will help understand one of the core visions of Tokyo 2020 Summer Games Unity in Variety as the manager’s goal to foster a welcoming environment for all Players, guests and those unable to attend venues who want to experience the Games remotely at other locations in Japan.

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