This weekend, at the international completion of eventing in Saumur, France, during the CCI 3*L, countries from group G play for their side qualifications for the next Olympic 2020 Games of Tokyo.

After the first test (dressage), one of the three tests of eventing, China started well. Olympic Eventing fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Eventing tickets online.

Saumur Holds the Key for Asia’s Olympic Eventing Competitions

Second afterward Japan, a country that is automatically qualified as it is the host country, China gets ahead of Thailand and Hong-Kong.

On the individual side, in the first place of the temporary ranking after dressage, we can find Alex Hua Tian a Chinese athlete Reaction of one of the coaches of the Chinese team, The French Pascale Boutet.

Countries, China, Thailand, and Hong Kong, and only two places for qualification at the next Olympic 2020 Games! In terms of sport experiences, those three countries are really young, and they all have recently decided to be active in eventing.

The last 2018 World Equestrian Games had qualified Australia and New Zealand; Japan was mechanically qualified, from then, the qualification process of the G group (Oceania and South-East Asia, ndlr), only two places were still at stake.

Those three countries have decided to take the chance, predicting that it might be calmer to be qualified to the Olympic 2020 Games in eventing then in show jumping (explained by the fact that there are fewer countries competing in eventing than in show jumping).

Saumur Holds the Key for Asia’s Olympic Eventing Competitions

 I’ve worked with China for ten years, and everything got faster a few months ago. We had to put in place a viable project that plans to create Chinese team training in Europe. Meanwhile, the stables had to stay in China as horses living in China cannot leave the country and the Chinese riders do not have a long-term visa.

 Thus, in Europe, China has three stables: in France, at my home, in Belgium, and another one in Holland with Martin Lips. The leader in this team is Alex Hua Tian, a Sino-British athlete, living in England.

For the stables where I have the responsibilities’, horses were bought in December, it is really recent. It is only the third completion, here in Saumur, for those combinations. In France, I train the horses, the riders train in China and they come back to Europe a few days before each competition.

Today’s results, in dressage, are encouraging, we’re particularly proud! If China qualifies its side for Tokyo’s Olympic 2020 Games, then we will have to qualify separately for the athletes that will compose the Chinese Olympic side. Those individual qualifications are done at the CCI 4*L level, our riders do not have experience at this top-level; the challenge will be higher than qualifying the team this weekend.

Saumur Holds the Key for Asia’s Olympic Eventing Competitions

But in the Chinese culture, we go for it, we trust coaches and horses! Yesterday, (Wednesday 22th of May, ndlr) we have done the course inspection; they were impressed as they do not have the experience at this level, but they will go for it! As they will do at the 4*L level if they succeed to qualify aside.

 We will have then to qualify three athletes, it will be another huge challenge, as there is a big level difference between 3* and 4*. The stable based in Holland from a longer time than the one in France has few experiences at the 4* level but the athletes of the horses based on the French one haven’t any skills. 

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