Softball players such as Victoria Hayward have waited more than a decade for their sport to return to the Olympic stage.  Canadian peoples trust that the world is going to fall in love with it at Tokyo summer games 2020 that the matches will create one of the games’ best atmospheres and that the experience can help more players into the professional game. Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Softball Tickets online.

Victoria Hayward has no doubt that softball is going to be a home run at Tokyo 2020. It’s an event that she believes people who have never seen it played will find addictive.

Secrets of Softball with Canada’s Victoria Hayward
Secrets of Softball with Canada’s Victoria Hayward

Softball is incredibly fast-paced and always on the go international game has a pitch clock so pitches are happening less than every 20 seconds. They’ve put in lots of measures so that it stays very high energy.

It combines team excitement with individual star performances. There are a real rhythm flow and aggression to it. For me it’s a cool marriage of fundamental skill and raw human power. Some of the things these athletes can do are amazing.

“You get great attacking play but also brilliant defensive action. As the sport grows and people watch it on TV they think I never knew I’d love softball. They’re drawn in and when it is country against country there are great historical rivalries and great pride which raise the stakes even more.”

Softball a variant of baseball is played with a larger sphere which is actually hard these days rather than the initial soft version on a field with 60-feet just over 18m base lengths and a dirt surface rather than grass. Softball pitchers throw underhand but still pretty fast and there are seven innings rather than nine. The team with the most runs around the bases wins.

Secrets of Softball with Canada’s Victoria Hayward
Secrets of Softball with Canada’s Victoria Hayward

27-year-old Canadian is bursting with excitement about the prospect of becoming an Olympian in Japan. She has been playing for her national team for 11 years.

USA and Japan are the obvious teams to beat with Canada currently ranked No.3 but Hayward highlights several other contenders the competitiveness of the sport is one of its key selling points she believes.

“The USA and Japan have won the previous gold’s at the Olympics but the Netherlands and Italy have done some awesome things, and then there’s Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand, China the Philippines. It’s more competitive than ever.”

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