Skateboarding started in 1950s California is already a professional sport of course but the Olympics offers skaters the chance to do their thing on the epic sporting.  Fans from all over the world who want to watch the live-action of Olympic Street Skateboarding can buy Olympic Street Skateboarding Tickets online.

American Jagger Eaton said:
“The publicity that skateboarding will get from the Olympics in Tokyo 2020 is just going to change everything for skateboarding. It makes it more accessible for people like me who love competing and want to compete.”

Olympic 2020 Tickets
Skateboarders excited to send sport to greater heights at Olympic 2020 Games

The (IOC) International Olympic Committee’s drive to reach a more young audience led to the addition of skateboarding along with four other new sports for Tokyo. In a sport that is still securely embedded in the streets and urban skateparks, not everybody has been happy with the prospect of skaters struggling for gold silver and bronze.

For the perspective of Eaton or three-time street world champion Nyjah Huston though skateboarding is all about competing and winning.

Eaton said:
“I have a super competitive drive and I have worked my life everything to get where I am at, to compete with the pros and I just won’t let anybody take that away from me”

Olympic 2020 Tickets
Skateboarders excited to send sport to greater heights at Olympic 2020 Games

Huston, who has also won the Street League Skateboarding competition five times, is the hot favorite for gold in Tokyo and sees the Olympics as the extra motivation he needs after a period at the top.

Huston said:
“It adds extra pressure but I am always going into every contest with the same mindset. Going out there and doing the best to win. I love a day out there competing, I feel like people might think I would be less competitive now or less fired up after winning so much over the years, but I think the feeling keeps growing and the love for skateboarding keeps growing.”

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