In August of 2020 competition Olympic climbing will take the world stage. For the first time ever the sports Climbing will be an Olympic event as part of the Tokyo Games. Fans from all over the world who want to watch live action Olympic Sport Climbing can buy Olympic Sport Climbing Tickets online.

Supposing you’ve gotten caught up on the details of the yearlong selection process for participants whittling down a massive international field to just 20 women and 20 men who will vie for Olympic 2020 gold here is an in-depth look at how the Sport climbing event will play out.

Summer Games 2020: A Guide to the Olympic Sport Climbing Format
Olympic Sport Climbing Summer Games 2020

Disciplines of Olympic Sport Climbing:

Athletes in the climbing event for the Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics will compete in three separate disciplines for a single set of medals. The 3 formats will be speed climbing, bouldering and lead climbing three disciplines one goal according to the Olympics’ promotional literature.

The decision to pursue a combined event was due to limitations placed on the sport by the Olympic Committee. The International Federation of Sport Climbing IFSC the international governing body for the sport of competitive climbing was only given a single set of medals to award the winners.

Instead of excluding any disciplines the IFSC created the combined format. Climbing is also being cared for by the 2024 Paris Olympics. If accepted lead climbing and bouldering will remain as a combined event while speed climbing will become its own separate event.

Summer Games 2020: A Guide to the Olympic Sport Climbing Format
Olympic Sport Climbing Summer Games 2020

The IFSC ran its first combined-format event during the 2018 World Championships in Innsbruck Austria. USA Climbing then ran it’s own Combined Invitational six months ago and it went wonderfully. It was hyped by ESPN it made stars out of winners Kyra Condie and Zach Galla and it proved that the various disciplines can make for enjoyable theater when forced to coexist.

Speed Climbing:

The speed climbing portion will be contested in one-on-one heats under a bracket tournament structure. A contestant will not necessarily have to reach the fastest time of the day to advance in the contest he or she will merely have to be faster than the opponent during each given heat.

That being said the men will likely have to clock runs under six seconds to improvement to later heats with the current world record is 5.48 seconds and the fastest women will likely have to clock runs under 8 seconds with the current world record being 7.10 Of note is that a false start will result in a competitor’s immediate ineligibility which leaves the door wide open for some upsets.

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