With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic, fast upcoming the qualifying campaign is well underway to secure those valuable Tokyo 2020 Olympic places. In creative gymnastics, the process began at the 2018 World Championships with both men and women teams safely progressing through to the next team-qualifying event in Stuttgart later this year. Olympic Fans from all over the world can book Olympic Trampoline Tickets online from our most trusted online ticketing market platform.

 Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualifying has been renovating for this phase with various opportunities for both teams and individuals to qualify through a variety of routes from now until next summer. The different options mean that policies and long-term planning will be critical.

For artistic gymnasts the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart in October is the next main opportunities for Olympic hopefuls: at the end of the qualification competition, the nine top nations will qualify teams for Tokyo. Moreover, the three top gymnasts in each apparatus final in Stuttgart, excluding those from qualified teams will also book their Olympic spot.

Target Tokyo 2020 Olympic with Olympic qualifying underway
Target Tokyo 2020 Olympic with Olympic qualifying underway

Specific apparatus specialists have already initiated their qualifying journey through the apparatus World Cup series, which began on November 2018, and runs to March 2020. The winners on each tackle – a ranking decided by taking the best three results of each participant in the series – will be Tokyo2020-destined.

Target Tokyo 2020 Olympic with Olympic qualifying underway

Further, ahead there will be the possibility of gaining extra individual places for the competing countries via the Olympic 2020 all-around World Cup series – these will be available to the top three countries in this four-stage series. The final qualifying opportunity will come at the European.

For trampoline, half of the qualifying places will be up for grasps when Tokyo hosts the World Championships between 28 November and 1 December 2019 with the eight finalists in the individual competition getting a ticket for their country to the Games.

The 2019-2020 World Cups, the first of which is this weekend also presents another opportunity for the highest-ranked participants in this six-stage series to earn a place for their country. With so many different Olympic routes and options, the next year promises to be an exciting journey for our Olympic hopefuls. A visit to Japan is also planned for our trampoline, men artistic and women artistic squads this summer as a replication camp for Tokyo 2020 Olympics and a chance for the three disciplines to explain with the holding camp facilities and the city.

Performance Director explains more about how the qualifying could clarify: “The new qualification system is very different and fairly complex, but it does give a number of different opportunities for us over the next 18 months.”

Target Tokyo 2020 Olympic with Olympic qualifying underway

Mostly in artistic gymnastics, we want to target the team qualification route. The World Championships in Stuttgart this year will be an opportunity for us to do that, where we have to finish in the top nine in the team finals, which we are confident we can do as long as we have all of our gymnasts fit, healthy and ready to go.

After that, we have further prospects to qualify for two extra places. Where we think we will get those places will be the all-around World Cup series, which starts in 2020 in which our all-around gymnasts will have to participate at four competitions and come top. We know that’ll be tough, as the likes of Russia, China, and Japan will be there, but when we think about some of our established seniors and then some of the up and coming gymnasts, it’s going to be very exciting.

Target Tokyo 2020 Olympic with Olympic qualifying underway

For trampolining, the World Cups this year form a key part of Olympic 2020 qualification. The first one is coming up in Baku and we are taking a strong team there to confidently making some finals. There is four World Cups for trampolining this year, so they will be looking to that throughout 2019, with the year finishing at the World Championships in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. That will give the gymnasts a chance to compete in Tokyo 2020 Olympic in that environment ahead of next year.

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