Rock Hampton, The Australian men’s hockey team won a thrilling 3-0 victory over New Zealand on Sunday to qualify for next year’s Olympic Games. Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Hockey Tickets online.

The Hawkeyes have been forced to go through a tough qualifying round, however, being tied 1-1 in New Zealand, which ensured the Blackhawks won the Oceania Hockey Cup. The Cucumbers’ smooth path to Tokyo 2020 was a day before the qualifying series was diverted following a 2-2 shutout of the Blackhawks in the best-of-three Ocean Cup series.

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The Kobabras qualified for Tokyo 2020 Olympic after defeating the Black Stocks

But Tim Brand and the Black Gorges went on strike in the opening quarter, and the latter added a third team with a clean drag-flick two minutes later to clinch the final before taking the host country to the final in Rock Hampton.

“We are very pleased with the results,” said Coquerries coach Colin Beach.

New Zealand was really competitive with all three games, yesterday we had a real battle with them but today we have taken our game to another level so it’s a happy ending. Beach is pleased that his team can directly qualify for next year’s Games without the uncertainty of a two-leg qualifying round.

“We played a lot in the Pro League this year and we played really well in this game but it is not qualifying, so this was our first chance to do it and I think it is good to pass through another qualifier. Instead of qualifying here was really important. “They said.

Now we can start planning on the right terms over the next 10 months. You never get the Oceania Cup or the Olympic qualifier, so we got the job done this weekend, I’m so glad we can now look forward to Tokyo.

 Olympic needs a win to seal its potential, the Hawkeyes – who kept their hopes up from the best of a 3-2 winning series to the Kiwis a day ago – got the perfect start at Rock Hampton. What if Maria Williams scored just one goal later? Two minutes.

But the Black Stocks, who defeated the Commonwealth gold’s last year, paid the host team the Olympia mine 1-1 after being equalized and after reaching their Olympic qualification. Curry, thanks to a 3-1 victory in the opening match, means the series has gone through an overall goal difference.

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The Kobabras qualified for Tokyo 2020 Olympic after defeating the Black Stocks

“We didn’t play well enough to qualify for a win that would expect some work before the next six weeks to qualify for the next six weeks. Five minutes away we had each other and there were some critical moments with which we didn’t deal enough, and that gave New Zealand a chance and they took over.”

Those are the little things that make a difference and our group really needs to improve to make sure we get things done in October. The result means that the Hawkeyes now have to wait eagerly to see who will find them in the International Federation of Hockey (FIH) qualifiers. Their last chance of success in the Olympic 2020 Games. The Hawkeyes will face Italy, Chile or Russia in a two-match series in Perth on the weekend of October 25/27.

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