In volleyball, the game is so unique because, first and foremost, players must recoil the ball. All other major American sports allow any player to hold or pause with the ball during the game action. Look at the balls skills of a football player, when someone drops the ball, people flop and flap all over the field trying to just land on top of the ball.

In basketball, if you are confused or the play breaks down, you just hold on to the ball to collect your thoughts before passing it along.  Olympic Volleyball Tickets are available online at economical prices from our most reliable ticketing platform.

 Imagine volleyball hitters, opposed by a big block, being able to say to themselves, “Whoa!, way too big a block,” and then tip it back to their own team to try again, for hits number 4, 5, 6 or whatever it takes. No problem what happens on the second interaction the third one has to get over the net and into the opponent’s court, no chance to restock and try again if things are not perfect.

Another unique element to be aware of is that the game at the lower level will often be won by the minor-skilled team! Yep, at this level, the worst team wins. You should be working on three contacts per side, not one, as part of the process. Beginners who struggle for three touches will lose on the scoreboard to teams who seek only to get the ball back over. Patience, therefore, is dominant.

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The Uniqueness of Volleyball – An Overview of the Game

This is the world’s largest court, as once the ball is put into play with the action of service, the court boundaries spread outside the actual court lines, limited only by walls or other off-court intrusion. Most other sports restrict the players to an area.

We are expected to pursue and save a misbehaving ball for yards and yards off the court, and then push back to keep playing at the same time, players must learn to adjust the lower ceilings and bright lights, which may not affect any other gym game but volleyball.

In the meantime, the one item that keeps opponents apart, the high physical barrier called a net, can never be touched while the ball is in play. To make sure you don’t touch it not one, but TWO people stare at the net watching you and your teammates. On this court which is smaller than any other team sport, you have the highest compactness of players making volleyball the most crowded in sport. Perhaps chess is more crowded with all those “men” but with 12 players on 162 square meter court, things are tight.

It can be played on virtually any surface–sand, grass, asphalt, wood and even mud or snow. Obviously, at the same time, the ball can never touch the floor, something that is permitted in every other sport played. Watch a game upside down you can see from this new perspective how the ball keeps rushing to hit the floor.

The Uniqueness of Volleyball – An Overview of the Game

The range of contact by each player, from just off the floor to the top of an individual jump, is exceeded only by the range of play of the ball which can go as high as the playing area allows. You are expected to be able to dig a ball just off the floor than just a couple of seconds.

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The Uniqueness of Volleyball – An Overview of the Game

 Jump as high as you can and hit the ball at the top of your reach. In the meantime, the speed of the ball between contacts also ranges from very slowly to more than 100 kilometers an hour for international players. However, volleyball players wear only optional protection, such as kneepads, to protect themselves from the floor.

One of the neatest things about our sport is that you must do TWO succeeding maximum efforts in row, to be a good spike. You must jump as high as you can and while up there, unsupported, you are anticipated to hit the ball as hard as you can. Imagine a pro baseball/softball player having to jump as high as they could, then bat at the ball. That is what you are expected to do every third hit.

Having a limited number of contacts often forces beginners and skilled players similar to return the ball to the opponents in a less-than-ideal form. At the same time, every single contact is judged by the referee. Most of the contacts are in-between, not terminated so “ball control” is very important. Imagine basketball players having to shoot no problem where they are on the court after the second pass is received.

The Uniqueness of Volleyball – An Overview of the Game

The number of different skills required is also large no problem what the court position of a player, with players having to rotate to new positions after the change of control of the ball think about what would happen in softball, that is an out, now everyone rotate and the pitcher goes to catcher, the catcher to outfield.

Or after a touchdown, the center rotates to running back the quarterback moves to tight end. Volleyball makes you be a player who can play all over the court doing different positions and the best players spend time playing and getting good all over.

Whereas the ball is fighting gravity the players get restricted positive feedback. Only service aces and spiking kills are seen as “rewards.” You must help keep the focus clear, especially on defense, when a desired contact is made.

The Uniqueness of Volleyball – An Overview of the Game

There is one skill, blocking, where you can be doing a great job, and yet never touch the ball. Instead, you pass the ball to your teammates or threaten the hitter to make errors of hitting out or into the net. You jumped at the right place and time; the hitter just hit out.

The game is played at this time with no time limit. You just cannot win by one point; you must win the game by two points, or if really close, by just one! In other sports, when the coach gets a huge lead and the clock is near run out, everyone can come in, even the lowest skilled player. In our sport, I have seen teams lose a lead of 20 points, after replacing in some bench players, and the team loses.

In addition to the six key skills you need to teach, there come the complications caused by rotation. One of the strengths of learning fundamentals through two, three and four-person youth volleyball teams is that there are only about half the number of turning positions to learn, as compared to regular six-person volleyball. Most significantly these smaller team sizes give you the chance to contact the ball.

Then there is scoring. All the time ball is put into play, it starts with the same skill serving. Not many coaches understand that concept, no matter what happens within the rally, you always return to being good at serving to get the next point. Plus, in our sport almost every time the ball is put into play, a point is scored. But, in other sports, you win if you get a lead of one point. Shock, not in volleyball, you must win by two points.

The Uniqueness of Volleyball – An Overview of the Game

When you add the demands placed on any volleyball player to the fact that the ball must reflect, the sport becomes a complex challenge for any beginner of any age. The ball never comes dreamily to a player even in the teammate to the other teammate skills.

Reading and anticipation skills are the most important skills, not the six skills we know so well. Proper reading must be incorporated into every drill, for even supportive actions will not place the ball in the perfect spot for skill execution.

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