The British diver qualifies for the Tokyo sports with a bronze medal at the World Championships.

Less than three years after a performance at the Rio de Janeiro games filled with epic highs and lows, Tom Daley is officially returning to the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. And he’s hoping to resolve some unfinished business. Olympic Diving Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Diving tickets online.

Tom Daley is going back to the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo

This past Monday, Daley, and partner Matty Lee won a bronze medal at the 2019 FINA Diving World Championships in Gwanju, South Korea in the Men’s 10-meter synchro competition. In doing so, they automatically qualified for a spot in next summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. In the wake of their victory, Daley was ebullient:

“Bronze is as good as gold in my eyes, just to be able to get to the Olympic Games in the first place. That is often the hardest thing because in the synchro event there are only eight teams that get to qualify. To be able to do it this far out in advance, I’ve never been in this position with any synchro partner in the past.”

The British duo’s performance climaxed in a back 3.5 somersault that was executed just short of perfection, earning several 9s and 9.5s from the judges. It also inspired Coach Jane Figueire to do to react with the kind of enthusiasm that usually is only seen in South Korea following the phrase “Please welcome BTS.” Qualifying for the Olympics 2020 capped a momentous few months for Daley, who took home three bronze medals at the Diving World Series in Russia, won the gold in London, and waded into activist waters on behalf of Tran’s athletes with husband Dustin Lance Black.

Tom Daley is going back to the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo

It was also the first step in what Daley confidences will be an improvement story in Olympic 2020. While he earned a 2016 Olympic bronze medal in the Men’s 10-meter synchro with then-partner Dan Good fellow, Daley remains motivated to avenge his last-place finish in the Individual 10 meter semifinal during the Rio sports. After participating in three Olympics, Daley is still looking for his first gold medal.

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