Best weightlifters of China liked mixed fortunes on the first day of the Tokyo Olympic test event at Tokyo International Forum with two asserting world records while others lost too many lifts. Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Weightlifting Tickets online.

There was also a career-best presentation by Japan’s Masanori Miyamoto and a visit from Yoshiro Mori, the former Prime Minister of Japan who is President of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee.

Weightlifting is the first test event to involve the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games which is organizing the tournament together with the Japan Weightlifting Association with the support of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).

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Two world records for China at Tokyo Olympic 2020 weightlifting test event

China’s Chen Lijun a strong preferred who had held all three world records in the 67kg had a day to forget. Not only did he bomb out in the snatch, but he also lost his world record in that lift to teammate Huang Minghao. The other world record of the day also in the snatch went to Hou Zhihui in the women’s 49kg.

Hou made all 3 snatch attempts to finish on 95kg defeat her own world record by 1kg but missed two clean and jerks and totaled 205kg better than teammate Jang Huihua by only 1kg.

As expected Liao Qiuyun Deng Wei and Zhang Wangli, all world record holders, won the 55kg, 64kg, and 76kg correspondingly on 218kg 248kg and 270kg. Chen Guiming took the 59kg on 229kg ahead of Japan’s Mikiko Andoh 224.

The most better performance by a Japanese lifter came from Miyamoto, who was second to Shi Zhiyong in 73kg of men. In last year’s IWF World Championships gold medallist Shi completed 29kg clear of 12th-placed Miyamoto.

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Two world records for China at Tokyo Olympic 2020 weightlifting test event

At the Forum it was much closer, as Shi missed 3 tries to finish on 345kg. Miyamoto upgraded his national record and personal best by 10kg to finish on 341kg, only 4kg behind Shi.

Li Dayin made the biggest lift of the day a 202kg clean and jerk and completed well clear of 34-year-old world champion Lyu Xiaojun in the 81kg. Li 21 wasted two snatch attempts but his total of 365kg was 15kg better than Lyu, who won gold and silver at the past two Olympic Games.

The double Olympic medalist Hiromi Miyake failed to recover completely from a leg injury continued at the Japan National Championships in May and withdrew from the 49kg. Local hero Miyake is aiming to compete in her fifth Olympic Games in Tokyo.

She said:

“I will be here again next year, I stood on the stage and it was good to feel the atmosphere and exciting to imagine that the seats will be full of 5,000.”

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