What is the track to qualifying for the Olympic 2020 Tokyo Games? A total of 65 combinations will compete in eventing, with 15 teams made up of three combinations each (45 total combinations) and a further 20 slots allotted to individual combinations. EN is breaking down the qualification process in a handy series of articles. Olympic Eventing fans from all over the world can buy Eventing tickets online.

Which Teams are Qualified for Eventing at the Tokyo Olympic 2020?

By way of the host nation, Japan automatically conventional one of the team quota places. The topmost six teams from the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games at Tryon also qualified. As Japan done fourth at WEG and already had a requirement as the host nation, the qualification berth stretched to the team that finished seventh.

France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand all secured Olympic qualification at WEG. Together with Japan, that gives us seven nations already competent for Tokyo, with a further eight team slots up for grabs.

This is a critical week for qualification, as one Olympic team slot is on the line at BaborówkoCCIO4*-L in Poland, with two team slots up for grabs at Saumur CCIO3*-L in France.

The CCIO4*-L at Baborówko is an FEI Olympic Qualification Event for Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia. Poland, Belarus, and Russia have all fielded teams for the rivalry. The best-located team from those three countries will secure the Olympic qualification.

The CCIO3*-L at Saumur is serving as an FEI Olympic Qualification Event for Africa and the Middle East, as well as Southeast Asia and Oceania. Hong Kong, China, and Thailand have all caught teams, and the two best-located nations will take an Olympic slot.

Looking ahead to the Pan American Games, which run at the CCIO3*-L level on Aug. 1-4 in Lima, Peru, two Olympic slits will be awarded to the two best-placed teams. No countries in FEI Olympic Groups D and E have secured qualification, and all eyes will be on the U.S., Canada, and Brazil.

Which Teams are Qualified for Eventing at the Tokyo Olympic 2020?

Two Olympic side slots will be awarded to the two best-located teams from FEI Olympic Groups A and B not already qualified at the FEI European Championships, which run at the CCIO4*-L level in Luhmühlen, Germany, on Aug. 28-Sept. 1. Ireland, Great Britain, France, and Germany are already competent.

The 15th and final Olympic side slot will be awarded at the inference of the 2019 FEI Eventing Nations Cup Series to the highest ranked country in the final standings not already qualified. The series kicks off this weekend at Houghton Hall CCIO4*-S in England and will conclude at Boekelo CCIO4*-L in the Netherlands on Oct. 

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